About Us



Owners Dan and Amanda have been vaping for over 8 years. We had been smoking cigarettes for over 10 years and were desperate to quit.

We had tried everything, gum, patches, prescriptions and cold turkey. After a few days to a week we would be back to smoking. Soon thereafter, we discovered vaping. We bought starter kits, went home threw our cigarettes away and never looked back. Our lives were forever changed.

Dan got involved in a vapor club and started manufacturing and selling his own mods. He then started working as regional manager at a popular chain vape shop here in Billings, where he stayed for almost 7 years.

Amanda has provided top notch service in the medical field for more than a decade. We recently decided to open our own shop. With Dan and Amanda's track record for superb customer service and extensive knowledge in the vapor industry, we feel that we have the potential to be your favorite vape shop!

Locally owned and operated. We believe in selling quality products. We have a huge variety of disposables, craft e-liquid, budget e-liquid, pod systems, coils, starter kits, mods and much more! Thank you for visiting our site, We hope you will enjoy shopping with us.